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The building that is now referred to as the Brickoven of Clyde, NY was built in the 1890’s. It served the community as a bakery by the Stoetzel Family. The front area of the building was the retail store and the back area was the actual bakery that operated at night. The Stoetzel family lived in a 5 bedroom house on the second and third floors. The bakery was in operation from 1890 to 1942.


 The bakery had a brick oven that was 14 foot in diameter “Lazy Susan” where the bread was entered in the front door and was removed from the same door after completing the rotation of the oven. The turntable was moved by the motors, pulleys, cones and the worm gear on the top of the brick oven. The belt on the cones was a variable speed drive for the turntable. The knife switch on the left wall was the method to turn on the electricity to the motor. This brick oven is still in the building today hence, giving birth to the name Brickoven of Clyde, NY.


After 1942, the building became a saloon operated by Milton Moses, followed by Mary Clingerman, Monk Rivello, and finally as the Sportsman Lounge by Ray Hendershot. During this period the back area where the brick oven is located fell into disrepair with roof and floor collapsing. The brick oven was under the roof and exposed to the elements for over 20 years. The front area constituted the area for the saloon. A bar was moved into this building from the Overrocker Drug Store down the street to provide the look land feel of a saloon rather than a bakery. The bar with stain glass had been painted black during the saloon period.

Ken E. & Ken J. DiSanto bought the building in 1998 to prevent the beautiful and authentic tin ceiling from being removed. After several years of consideration, architectural studies, and financial evaluations, the restoration and renovation of this historical building was completed in 2008 with tremendous help from the NYS Main Street Program.


The Brickoven of Clyde represents a renovation that nearly resulted in “bringing back the building as it was originally designed”. The brick oven, the tin ceiling, the scrollwork on the walls, the ice chest and bar were all originals in the building and are still present today. The only major additions were the shelf around the front area to conceal the electrical wiring and the wainscot along the walls as well as the bathrooms and kitchen.

Special mention on the restoration is given to the following people: 

Brick Oven - Gene Fratangelo – a local mason 
Walls, kitchen, bathroom, shelf – Rudy Schwietz – a local carpenter 
Bar restoration – Bob & Phil Carroll 
Decorations & painting theme – Sylvia DiSanto & Kimberly Culver

The Brickoven of Clyde opened on September 13, 2008, with the desire to provide a comfortable, yet classy place to have good meal with friends. So please enjoy your food and take time to marvel at the beauty our previous generation built into this building.